Synchronize bookmarks!

Mighty Marks keeps your browser bookmarks in sync.

Every bookmark, everywhere

Mighty Marks syncs your browser bookmarks / favorites between Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave and more.

You can access your bookmarks on the web, too (which doubles as a handy homepage for Safari, for now*).


The first month is free, during which you can cancel at any time without charge.

After that, it‘s $1.99 per month.


Your data is yours. We don’t monitor your bookmarks for anything other than changes that we need to sync.

We don’t tailor content, generate recommendations or target ads. We don’t want or need your data for anything else, by design.

We will not share your data with anyone.

We plan on sticking around!

Xmarks was super useful. We really hope that Mighty Marks can be a replacement for Xmarks, but to do that we need to keep going!

Hence – in the interest of continued service and development – the small monthly charge 💸.